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I received an email from BRD Team.

We have reviewed your resume and would like to advertise our current vacancy.


BRD is an international corporation with an extensive experience in auction, market development and database management.


We are presently searching for an administrative assistant. This is an excellent work at home opportunity with Part-Time and Full-Time positions available. Base salary is guaranteed. No telemarketing, no cold calling, no direct sales are involved, no fees required at any stage of employment. The successful candidates must maintain sufficient professional knowledge to understand the company’s value propositions and competitive advantages. Candidates must have a strong desire to succeed, be able to meet deadlines, and have strong communication and time-management skills.


If you are interested in this position please respond to and we’ll provide the detailed job description and working contract.


Thank You,

BRD Team

After googling for a while, I still could not figure out what company it is. I then checked the whois database, here’s the records for domain name

Domain Name: BRD-JOBS.COM

    Klan Jored        (
    Joser 33/4
    Tel. +3.434423483993

Creation Date: 21-Aug-2009 
Expiration Date: 21-Aug-2010

Domain servers in listed order:
Administrative Contact:
    Klan Jored        (
    Joser 33/4
    Tel. +3.434423483993

Technical Contact:
    Klan Jored        (
    Joser 33/4
    Tel. +3.434423483993

Billing Contact:
    Klan Jored        (
    Joser 33/4
    Tel. +3.434423483993



Notice this domain name is registered recently, so this BRD Team may either be a brand new company or …


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35 Responses to “”

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I got the exact same email today…The only difference is that the reply email was “”

I didn’t find anything either. I look forward to any additional information. Like you, I am skeptical!!!

But mine said reply was to
and like you both, could find nothing in any tech company mentioning this guy’s business. Curiously though, the email address it came from was
Sad really, when one is advertising for a company, you would think the email would at least seem to appear from the same company, not a free email site like hotmail.

Got the same email. Not sure why or who they are but the domain seems to suggest BS.

This is a SCAM, pure and simple. I got a second email from them describing a check fraud scam, taking payments(by check) from “customers” and depositing them into an account set up by you, then wire transfer of the payment to them minus 5% for yourself. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!

This is a scam. They want you to get fake checks and cash them through your account. This is also illegal. You cash a fake check and send them 95% of the money. Not only are you liable for the entire portion of the check(s) and any fees incurred but you can also be prosecuted and sent to Federal prison. Do not fall for this. Why would a company that is advertising a job send out bulk email to unknown people offering them a job without an interview and send that email from a free internet account and there be no trace of the company online? Like “they” say, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. In this case, it is.

It’s all fake…. I just tried and located the address Brd int,avagen 42,41251, Göteborg, Sweden on google it is Some card collector’s stores… there are images of this card collector’s stores too…

Thanks, goodguy (and everyone else), for posting here. It will really help anyone else who gets the scam in their email.

I received the same email, but the senders email addresss was . The response email was

I found the domain information registered on Aug 21, 2009.

Apparently this is a scam.

Thanks for your reply! I realized how this simple work can help a lot. I have created a spam report white board —
If you find a spam in your mail box, please post it there, so that we can all be warned. Than you all, my alliance!

I received the same letter in an email. Also curious about the company. Thanks for the heads up. Not something I’ll be exploring any further.

I received this email today. It screamed “scam” and I responded, telling the writer I would be forwarding her email to the authorities.

I have received several offers lately, (because my resume was on a job posting site) one from a company which has an office in NYC which they invited me to visit 9/14. The company is called SDS Transportation. They have an involved training program, and the whole set up is pretty thorough. I found a few grammar errors on the website and pointed them out to my contact. He seemed genuinely concerned about fixing the errors, and said I could wait until I visited their NY office before starting the training. If I had the luxury of free time to check out potential frauds for the FBI I would do it, but I actually need to work. If anyone else has heard of SDS Transportation please reply~

These scams make my blood boil, because there really are people who cash the bad checks and may be going to prison for it. Desperate times create desperate people.

SDS Transportation looks completely legit yet things just don’t add up. I still can’t tell if it was a scam or not…how would you find out?

SDS-T Is a scam. Something is very wrong with this company. The want me to buy computers then debit my CC. Afer I purchased the computers and shiped them off they pulled their money off my CC. Now I am out 10,000. SCAM.
Has this happen to you?

You’ve got to be kidding me. ..

They got me up to the buying the computers part.
They knew the CC I had with the last two digits and said the way they would pay me would be transfering the money on my CC.

How did they know I had that CC?

Did you buy the computers, ship them and paid for everything with your CC?

Can you dispute it with the CC?

No – I am screwd and NOW SDS-T will not return my calls. I did all the studying for the test and everything.

Stay away from SDS-T,

We need to talk.

Have SDS send you a check 1st.
Who are you dealing with Kevin Cole?



Lauren and Who! Can you guys get in touch with me at cbeckler05@gmail? Need to sort a couple of things out about these scammers.

What do you need to know?
We need to act together as a group and keep very good notes. Keep all SDS email anything that might hold up in court.

Yeah, Kevin Cole.

Thats Him! Kevin Cole!!!!!!!

FBI says its a scam BIG TIME. Spoke with them on the phone.FBI claims they are not even in the state. Its alla front.

Someone get him for me!

SDS Transportation is 100% Scam

After speaking to the CC company – The way the funds came into my cc acct shows fraud. The checks were all 3rd party checks. The CC clearly see it as fraud but is holding me accountable for all funds.

Just the way they do not answer their phone calls. I should have knowned.

Stay away from SDS-Tranportation.

I’m on my 4th week of “Training” with SDS-T and Kevin Cole(Right…..that’s his name).
I’m thinking about Scamming him back to draw him out in the open.
Let me know who you talked to at the FBI.
I’d like to contact him and hopefully set up a “Sting”
I have every bit of info.from that SOB and wanna bring him down!
In this economy,it’s so heartless of people to take advantage of an honest person trying to ,just get a job.
I don’t just want justice…….I want Revenge!

please let me know how
i can help with this sting.
How can I contact you?

Everbody – SDS-Tran is a bigtime scam.
If anyone can help me draw out Kevin Cole let me know. I am out big money from buying computers.

I have to go through the legal channels.
First…..File a police report.
(I have a detective friend)He’ll,then file it to the Feds who have the power to get all of Kevin Coles personal his e-mail – address connection etc.
I’ll keep you posted. You do the same.
I’m goin’ for the jugular on this one!!!
And,I’d like to see you get your money back…..and then some.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please let me know what I need to do. At first I wanted KC to send me a check – He said that would take to long.
Did you complete all the test. What a waste of time.

SDS – T is such a scam!!!!! I hope you get him. Anything you need let me know.

Dear Dawn,
I was hoping to read that you had something to report on the SDS scam. I am out 15000 and I need to pay the cc company something this month or my credit is shot.
Please get them for me. They will not return my emails anymore. Maybe you can help me recoup my loss. Anyway, I know it’s a long shot.
SDS-T is a SCAM ———–Stay Away everybody !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Who………
I spoke with my Detective friend this morning.
He’s setting me up with the head of the Commercial Crimes unit on Tuesday.
He told me if this “Kevin Cole” of SDS-T is in the country,They’ll be able to work with the Feds to bust the A-hole and possibly retrieve the victims lost income.
If he’s scamming from another country,it gets a bit complicated as I’m sure you can understand.
That’s not to say he can’t get busted,it just gets political,ya know?
Either way the stage is being set and law enforcement love this kind of stuff!
I’m doing all I can on the behalf of you,me and everyone else who fell pray to that Piece of S%^T.
I ask that you be patient,think positive and gather any and all correspondence that you had with SDS-T.
I got your back,my friend.

Gotta tell ya.
I just got off the phone with my cc company.
They received a payment to my account that completely paid off my card through B of A
So I asked if there was any way they could retrieve the money back.
My cc company said not if I cancel my card.
So I did and Kevin Cole is now out by $4600 !!!
I scammed the scammer!
I’m going to E-mail him and thank that SOB for unknowingly paying off my card!
The next step is arresting him and getting your cash back.
Told you I was going to get this guy.
So….now we have a connection to his real Identity.
All the Feds have to do now is follow his paper trail which……IS in this country!!!
He’s in Arizona and doesn’t have a clue what’s in his very dismal and near future.
Keep em’ crossed,buddy.
Please email me.


This is great news – please contact me
Maybe I can get the CC off my back.
Please contact me ASAP.

Dear Guns Drawn,
I would like to get more details on your out come with SDS. Please contact me so I can work with my CC company.

theyre still at it, thought id just drop the company website, by the way it isnt secure so if anyones smart anough and angry enough. Ruin them.

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