Gendor Logistics Company spam

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Received an email from Vinod <>

When I google the “Gendor Logistics Company”, the first record is

Gendor Logistics

Gendor Group is one of the most reliable and experienced third party logistics companies in North America. Founded in 2005 with a 60000 square feet public . – 5 minutes ago

That website will run malicious php scripts on your computer to daunt you into buying their so-called anti-virous software. (As I google Gendor Logistics Company later, the site that running malicious scripts is always changing. Watch out the .php in the site link, for example, zwf.php, which is a hint for malicious php scripts. If you fall into the trap, don’t click around, use control + alt + delete to close your brower.)

The website of this “Gendor Logistics Company” is at, their domain name is only registered 10 days ago. I strongly believe this is a spam email, and the site is a phishing site, just raise an alarm here, in case someone else received the same email. Here is the whois database record about


Gendor Logistics is an integrated network of storing, transportation and distribution company providing a wide variety of 3rd Party logistics solutions.
Starting with 60,000 square feet of space, the company have continued to grow with operations in Ohio, Nevada, Virginia, and California. The company
offer a variety of warehouse and distribution services, customs clearance and freight forwarding, and a complete transportation network including dedicated
fleet, brokerage service, LTL, TL and small package services.

Small package services program allows us make more vacancies in the US.

At now Gendor Logistics is looking for people that are innovative, dedicated, goal-oriented and passionate about logistics and transportation. The Gendor Logistics team is
made up of seasoned leaders from the industry. If you’d like to be a part of this team, we’d like to talk to you.
Vacancy offered: Transportation Assistant.

Position type: Permanent job with part-time trial.

Salary: Your salary, as a our Transportation Assistant, can reach up to 1,000 monthly during trial period
while spending only 20-25 hours weekly and over 2,300 with permanent position.

We need well-organized people, older than 18 years old, who have PC or notebook and permanent Internet access at home.

Blackberry device is needed, but optional.

Permanent US address with landline phone is absolutely required.

Knowledge of MS Office is obligatory.

Printer is absolutely required.

For any further details please e-mail Hiring Officer at

Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,
Hiring Officer,
Leslie Nazario
Gendor Logistics Company
24 of November 2009


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10 Responses to “Gendor Logistics Company spam”

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I have my resume posted at several jobsite and I also received the same email from Gendor Logistics

Same here. After looking at the website, not finding any contact phone numbers, an email address that goes to a non-existant company, and seeing how bad the email is written it sounded a little fishy.

I got the same email, on repackaging shipments. Went to Gendor Group website & tried to call them, but was only fax#, so sent in a message. The person that emailed me on employment was: Logistics Dep. Manager Linda Fetzer
Gendor Logistics.. It just sounds to be good to be true.. sent her a email back on how she got my name & where did input that I was interested.

Same again! Looking for a job(same as every other person in this country) Resume posted, got the fishy sounding proposition. My thoughts: If it walks like a duck…Must be bull***t! I hope there’s a special place in Heel for these people!!!

I am having this site checked out by the FBI. I donot think this website is legit. Be careful! It seems odd they want to send you packages and have you turn around and mail them back out. Seems very fishy!

Can anyone prove that the company is not legit? I know it sounds fishy, but what is the law on forwarding packages.

Wow! I knew something was kind of fishy about this because there is no contact number. And then I wonder how in the world did they get my email address becasue i have not posted my resume anywhere. It a shame to mess with people when they are umemployed and struggling to kept their heads above water.

I thought I’d play along with this game for as long as I could. It didn’t make sense that this firm didn’t have the means to send a package! Now they want a copy of my driver’s license and my PayPal account! This is the end of the line for me! I knew the website looked too good to be true!

Has anyone actually signed the agreement and started working for this company? I got the same email and couldn’t get the lady
to give me a phone number to talk to her about this job. Afraid to give them my DL. A little hesitant becuase we will be shipping outside the US.

Your afraid make sense, Brenda. These rogue set people up to give out personal information today; tomorrow, they may sell your DL and Paypal information to hundreds of rogue. I suggest you don’t give out import information to any untrusted person. I know it is tough, but with all these red flags, do you still trust this so called “Gendor Logistics Company”, seriously?

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