SANS Developer 541 Secure Coding In Java/JEE: Developing Defensible Applications

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You will have 180 minutes to complete 75 questions.

This exam features scoring that enables you to monitor your progress in near real time. After you have answered your fifteenth question, you will see the checkpoint score for the first 15 answers. This allows you to roughly monitor how you are progressing relative to the passing score of the exam. The checkpoint score will be updated at fifteen question intervals. For example: in this 75 question exam, an updated checkpoint score will be displayed after answering 15, 30, 45, 60, and 75 questions respectively.

If you experience any technical problems during your exam that involve a loss of exam time, please notify your proctor immediately and mention that GIAC exams are Running Clock Exams. The exam clock does not stop when there is a technical issue, and lost time must be added back by GIAC Exam Support.

Answer each question to the best of your ability on the exam. We encourage you to provide feedback to improve the certification process. You will have the opportunity to mark 10 questions for review by the GIAC exam team. To mark a question for review, click the “Flag Previous” button at the top-right of the exam console AFTER you have answered the question. You will NOT be able to go back and answer these questions again.

Please flag any questions that you feel contain:

  • Typographical errors (spacing, formatting, etc.)
  • Spelling and grammatical errors
  • Technical inaccuracies
  • More than one right answer

At the conclusion of your exam, you will have a chance to comment on the questions you marked individually. If you have specific comments or questions please provide as much information as possible.

GIAC does NOT award credit on commented exam questions, however, your comments will still be used to improve the exam.

You have the option to skip 5 questions during your exam. These questions will not be displayed again until you are close to the end of the exam. You also have the option to take 1, 15-minute break during the course of your exam. Please note, however, that any questions you skip during the exam, must be answered by clicking the “Answer Skipped” button BEFORE you take a break.

During your practice exam, you will be shown explanations by default on questions you answer incorrectly. You may optionally choose to see explanations for ALL questions you encounter on your exam, as well as disable showing explanations all-together by selecting the appropriate option at the top-right corner of the exam console.

For security reasons you will NOT be able to view the answer options for marked questions. Take any notes you require during your exam, because you will NOT be able to go back. You will have the opportunity to complete an exam evaluation at the conclusion of the exam. We welcome your comments.

For further information regarding the feedback procedure, please see the Exam Feedback Procedure page.

The questions used on this exam are considered confidential. You are NOT permitted to discuss or distribute them. Unauthorized disclosure or discussion of test questions is an ethics violation under GIAC and may result in financial liability.

DO NOT use your browser’s back button or refresh button once you start your exam. This can cause unpredictable results.

Before each GIAC exam is begun, environment and connectivity tests are performed to ensure our testing environment is supported.

Your time starts once you press the ‘Start Exam’ button below.

I declare that I am in fact the individual registered and authorized to attempt the GIAC exam. I understand that the requirements for the GIAC exam must be completed in full by me and me alone.

I understand that GIAC exams are proprietary material owned by GIAC and The SANS Institute and subject to trade secret law. I understand that all exams and related information are made available to me strictly for the purpose of skills assessment. I agree that I will not divulge any GIAC exam or exams, in whole or in part, or information pertaining to them, in any form, or by any means, without the express permission of GIAC and/or The SANS Institute.

I understand that not following the above stated policies is an ethics violation under GIAC and may result in financial liability, in addition to revocation of my GIAC certification(s).

I agree to submit any dispute to binding arbitration and all arbitration will take place in the State of Maryland.

Please enter your full name below to “sign” this page and to indicate that you agree with these rules.

I have read and agree to abide by the GIAC Code of Ethics.


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